Personal Guide To ’10 Ways To Take Herbs Beyond Gernish’


By Rinku Bhattacharya – (Zester Daily)

An often underrated gift of summer is the bountiful presence of fresh herbs. At this time of year, like no other, herbs infuse distinct and potent flavors into your meals.

Take a summer vacation from a traditional garnish when you’re using those herbs. Think fenugreek fried chicken. Or an icy pineapple freezer pop infused with ginger and lemon verbena. Or grilled corn slathered with basil-and-goat-cheese butter.

10 Fresh Ideas for Summer Herbs

Click through the photos for this slideshow to find 10 unique ideas for using summer herbs from the garden — and from your market.

Copyright 2016 Rinku Bhattacharya via Zester Daily and Reuters Media Express

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