Last minute ‘Travel checklist’: A must Before Leaving

When we’re preparing to go on holiday, we can often forget some things we need to pack in the big rush to the airport, so make sure you’re prepared with our handy checklist below.


Get vaccinations

Arrange the right Visa

Check your passport and EHIC are in date

Notify credit/debit card companies

Before you leave

Turn off heating/air-con/appliances

Lock windows and doors

Set security


Tickets/Boarding passes


Hotel/car reservations



EHIC card

Travel Insurance documents

Copies of all travel documents

Remember to pack

First aid kit (you can stock up on antihistamines, over-the-counter medications, plasters, foot spray, travel sickness pills etc from Boots stores across the country)

Appropriate clothing for your destination



Prescriptions (Including glasses or contacts)


Travel Insurance

After you’ve checked everything from your list, you’re good to go. Make sure you have a travel insurance policy to help protect you from the moment you leave your house. 

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