Incredible Cyclists Jumps Out Of A Field In Bloom

Cyclist pair jumps out of a field in bloom

Freestyle MTB icon Martin Söderström and dirt BMX prodigy Dawid Godziek present Field Trippin’, a bike project entirely shot in a blooming canola field in Sweden and featuring two world’s first tricks.

“I’m born and raised in one of the flattest areas in Sweden, but it never stopped me from pursuing a career as a mountain bike pro,” smiles Söderström. “You just can’t let a minor detail like that stop you.”

In the video, the rider pulls off two new tricks – a 360 tailwhip catch tailwhip and a 360 nohander to tailwhip, both being world’s firsts on a mountain bike.

His Polish friend Godziek also lands his new twister on his BMX.

But what makes Field Trippin’ stick out is the fact that the riders fly through the air without visible kickers, landings or park features. The park itself is left to the imagination of the viewer.

Söderström took his inspiration from a farm segment in the iconic bike film ‘Life Cycles’. The movie made a strong impression on Söderström’s young mind and he felt a tribute was in place to show appreciation for the way the film helped him shape his career.

“I wanted to make an updated version with way gnarlier tricks and a Swedish twist”, he adds.

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