12 Secrets To A Happy Marriage – Must, For Every Couple

InShot_20160815_162355The book Happy Wives Club initially discusses the concept of happiness, and tells the reader that it is an internal choice, “not based on external circumstances” that, in relation to the 12 secrets, is vital to a healthy and happy marriage. The 12 secrets Weaver goes onto states are:

1.Mutual respect between the partners

2. No “Plan B”

3. Trust

4. Work as a team

5. Establish a daily routine

5. Don’t take your spouse and your marriage too serious

7. Start dating your partner again

8. Have interests separate from your partner and your marriage

9. Believe in a higher power

10. Put your marriage before everything else

11. Your partner should also be your best friend

12. Surround yourself with other positive couples and individuals


Updated on 12 June 2016, at 21:18.

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